Studiowall Ltd

Enterprise Information Management


Studiowall Ltd can provide the specialist knowledge required to define and validate business requirements and best practice solutions, inform process improvement and re-engineering, inform strategy development, provide design specifiations and provide expertise to investigate and evaluate suitable technology.


There are many software vendors offering ECM and EDRM systems at an enterprise level. Targeted at managing all documents and records throughout the life-cycle of the content from creation to disposition (destruction or permanent retention).

These vendors have historically provided electronic document management systems and have acquired smaller records management system companies. The seamlessness of the integration and the original intention of the records-management component to manage records typically sets the complexity of deploying and potentially of using the final system.

Studiowall Ltd has the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide organisations through the process of selecting the technology that best suits their needs.

Beyond selection of suitable solutions Studiowall Ltd can provide testing and support with implementation, configuration and overseeing delivery of related components (such as file plans, metadata and security). Studiowall Ltd can help with establishing procedures to manage the full lifecycle of information, knowledge, documents and records. Documenting all aspests of the solution.

Studiowall Ltd can be there right through to system rollout, delivering on proof of concepts. Our specialists can also train and mentor participants in technology, tools and best practice in records, information and document management. For further details see our section on Training.

Document Imaging

It is true to say that document imaging can reduce business costs. Systematically scanning and indexing documents as they enter the organisation can help achieve significant savings from lower labour and paper storage costs and improved efficiency. It can be easy for a scanning company to justify document scanning costs or investment in document imaging. But before you decide to go ahead and scan 'everything' it is important to ensure that the benifits outweigh the costs of managing the lifecycle of your categories of paper documents.

Studiowall Ltd can help you to determine the value of your physical records. By asking the right questions of the information owners, informed decisions can be made. Decisions such as to what should be scanned and what could be stored and managed off-site as a cheaper alternative.

Once documents have been selected for scanning, Studiowall Ltd can help you determine the correct metadata indexing that needs to be captured for each content type and how these records will be stored and retrieved.

Physical Records Management

If the frequency that records are accessed is low, it may be more financial viable for your records to be stored off-site. Most off-site storage facilities now offer a quick retreival turn-around and may also provide a scan-on-demand service for an even faster secure delivery. If destruction is required at the end of the lifecycle, this can also be managed via software and destruction certificates provided.

Studiowall Ltd can help you in deciding if off-site storage is a good option for your organisations' needs, it can help you with the selection of a vender and help with any related Physical Records Management application.


Installation and configuration of software is the start of a whole new phase of achieving success in records management. It is an important phase where there are many common mistakes and pitfalls. Acceptance and use of the software and improved business outcomes as a result will only be achieved by planning a training programme that incoporates policies and strategies, effective and timely delivery, ongoing support and continuous improvement.

At Studiowall we understand that the budget, time and staff allocated to training can be varied and limited. Your organisations' training needs will depend on aspects such as the technology skill levels of participants and their current recordkeeping maturity. Our experts have more than 10 years of designing and delivering Records and Information training. We can design a training approach that best suits the resources available in your organisation, that bests suits your participants' requirements and delivers the desired outcomes.